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2015 Internet Trends Study by KPCB: A report on the entire history of the digital universe

I recently came across a massive report produced by KPCB for the Internet Code Conference, which took place a few weeks ago. It’s nearly 200 slides, chock full of fascinating stats on the history of internet usage and overall digital adoption, as well as thoughts on where we are headed over the next decade.

While most of us are generally aware of the explosive growth of digital channels and overall rate of innovation over the past few decades, the details and visual representation of the facts in this report are just staggering. For starters, consider: since 1995, global internet usage has surged from 35mm total users, to 2.8 billion — that’s an 80x global increase in adoption inside of 20 years.

Alternatively, since just 2008, time spent online on a mobile device has increased 9-fold with respect to other mediums! Then again, glimpsing the evolution of device and UI tech (below), it’s not hard to see why. Powerful programs and information hubs are becoming so streamlined and intuitive, we can all be power users at the tap of a screen.

We are connected to the proverbial “information superhighway” now more than ever, as that last point illustrates, and it is transforming the consumer and business worlds equally radically. I’ll leave you to check out the rest of the presentation for yourselves and with a quote: “In ten years we will be stunned at how uninformed we used to be when we made decisions” .

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