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2016: The Year of Predictive Analytics

The race to digital marketing ubiquity came and went years ago with the advent of paid search and automation systems. Being “everywhere, all the time” is now a tired catch phrase. It is time for a change in 2016: marketers must learn how to stand out amongst all of the noise we have created in order to effectively and efficiently reach our best audiences.

Don’t get me wrong, being “everywhere” has its merits. You’ve got to generate brand awareness and loyalty in order to grow. But you also need precise, concentrated efforts to land the big fish. To this end, I see 2016 being The Year of Predictive Analytics.

Predictive Analytics Crystal Ball

Account-based marketing (ABM) is likewise nothing new, but a whole host of platforms (the likes of which include up-and-comers such as Leadspace and Everstring) have been popping up recently, which infuse newfound intelligence, insight and strategy into this old tactic.

These platforms take old school forecasting way beyond the realm of just the data that is in your CRM, by tapping into thousands of buyer signals on the web – things like job postings, shareholder reports, and technologies used by businesses across market segments and verticals. The power of now having this kind of data a click away is undeniable, but it’s up to us marketers to leverage it, and ramp up the CVR in The Year of Predictive Analytics!

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