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What is ABM, Anyway?

Every year, it seems, there’s a new hot tactic on the scene for B2B marketers. In recent years, we’ve seen the rise of the likes of predictive analytics, real-time personalization, and multi-channel content coordination. Thus far, 2017 appears to be the year of ABM, or Account Based Marketing.

Unlike predictive analytics and real-time-personal-content, which have recently been made possible by the advent of new technologies, ABM is not new to the marketing toolbox. Quite the opposite: one could argue it is in fact one of the oldest marketing tactics. So, what is ABM, anyway?

Account-based marketing, at its core, is a strategy for targeting, concentrating, and coordinating the messaging and outreach efforts of an organization toward a handpicked list of its most valuable prospects. ABM can be executed on a variety of levels, starting with a more generalized, target-vertical approach, and narrowing all the way down to individual companies. The way in which these targets are selected is typically a mixture of qualitative and quantitative criteria. On the one hand, it is critical to analyze sales history and conversion rates, to ensure your target list is made up of prospects that would most likely have a need for your product. At the same time, the sales team will probably select “nice to have” targets, which would look great on a customer list, if landed.

Another technology arms race, which has been building for the past year or two, has led to an ABM reboot in 2017. New platforms such as Triblio, Marketo ABM, and Engagio, as well as strong, older players in this space like Demandbase, have made ABM the place to play this year. Interestingly, as all these new technologies continue to mature, I can see how predictive analytics, real-time-personalized content, and new ABM targeting tools can be leveraged together by marketers to build some powerful campaigns. In 2017, marketers have the best toolkit yet to get their products and value props in front of buyers in need, at the perfect time.

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