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My experience at Dreamforce 2014

Having been in this industry going on 5 years now, I am still mildly surprised that this year finally marked my first experience at Dreamforce. But wow. What a week it was.

All things considered, this entire event amounted to a tradeshow floor about 2-3x the size of your next biggest run-of-the-mill industry conference. Plus half of downtown being taken over by peripheral events and companies piggybacking off the swarm of added foot traffic for the week. Plus concerts, parties, and the biggest of big-name keynote speakers.

To highlight some of the keynotes I had the privilege of seeing this week:

- Al Gore
- Hillary Clinton
- Robert Harjavec (from Shark Tank)
- Neil Young
- Anthony Robbins (former TED Talk speaker)
- and of course, Marc Benioff, among others

Of the myriad topics discussed this week, a surprisingly healthy dose was not “all Salesforce, all the time”. It was great to see leaders use this forum to tackle issues around education, energy, climate, and jobs, to name a few.

But it wouldn’t have been Dreamforce without a big Salesforce announcement at the end – and, predictably, one came. What was it? Salesforce Wave: a new, robust, mobile-ready analytics cloud, built right into the Salesforce1 platform. I haven’t gotten my hands on the new functionality just yet, but I can’t wait. Wave promises to make producing actionable data insights an exciting (and mobile!), rather than laborious process – a sea change (no pun intended) I’m eager to experience!

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