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The Marketing to Sales Hand-off: Lead Response Management

On the marketing side of the fence, lead response management has always been a top challenge by my experience, and for a myriad reasons. It can be a difficult balance – while on the one hand, needing to generate the most leads possible for our friends in inside sales, and on the other, not flooding them with more than they can handle.

There are many techniques (and tools) out there that help us marketers manage lead flow, qualification, and delivery to the sales team – from scoring engines to nurture programs – all of which are well-chronicled. But what happens after the hand off?

Anecdotally, I’ve heard many-a-time about the so-called “10 minute window” after a prospect engages with marketing content online, or submits a FAQ. After those first 10 minutes, the chances a rep will make contact with the prospect decrease dramatically. Timely follow-up is crucial. And now I’ve finally discovered a study, recently pushed out by Kayak Marketing, which spells out all the critical components of the lead response process in black and white (and blue).

Check out the great infographic – The Best Practices for Lead Response Management – in all its statistical glory!

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