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Hi. Here’s some free stuff. Reach out if you want to chat.

The subject line says it all. That was pretty much the gist of a marketing email I got today – and it got me to open it, read it, and click through to the landing pages.

As a digital marketer, I get marketed to all the time. Even with all the personalization technologies and techniques out there these days, marketing emails stick out like a sore thumb to me. This note I got today though – it pretty much came out and said, “hey, we’re not trying to trick you into opening something you’re not actually interested in; we’re just going to give away a bunch of stuff we think you’ll like, and maybe you can ping us once you’re done enjoying it”.

And it worked. There was an ungated infographic in the body of the email, lots of ‘freemium’ downloads, and no boring, self-righteous blathering about what a cool company it was that had sent me the email.

It was a perfectly executed reminder of something I think most of us marketers know, but probably lose sight of while under pressure to hit those demand gen goals every month: a lead will respond to something of value to that individual. Your offering should answer at least some basic utilitarian questions, “how is this going to make a difference in my day-to-day? Will this make my job easier?”. By comparison, some random marketing plug for a brand that, let’s be real, most people have never heard of, is just a waste of time.

It’s a lesson worth remembering. After all, if you are asking your prospects to give you an hour of their time to watch your webinar, or to download and read your newest ebook, that’s a pretty big time commitment. They should know they’ll get something out of it. After all, if your prospects know your content is valuable to them, your job just got a whole lot easier. They’ll want what you have to offer. Shoving your brand relentlessly in your prospects’ faces is not the way to get your conversions!

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