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You Know You’re an Email Marketer When…

I won’t make a habit of simply re-posting others’ great, original content (rather than just generating more brilliant content of my own, of course) since we all know that doing so is not exactly a SEO best practice. From time to time, though, there will be a piece that definitely earns that re-share.

I found one such gem in Marketo’s Blog, called, “You Know You’re an Email Marketer When…”

This one is chock-full of idiosyncrasies any email marketer or stat-head will appreciate. I relate strongly to at least 8 of the 10 myself!

If you live and die by click-through-rates, get excited about A/B testing, or you take an email unsubscribe as a personal affront…we might just be in the same line of work!

Email marketing can be frustrating!

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