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The Perfect Digital Marketer (made entirely of cartoon characters)

Today’s digital marketer is a complex person. The areas of expertise in digital marketing are many – and each discipline is part art, part science. So, just what does it take to master these skills?

The perfect digital marketer exudes confidence and remains resolute in the face of unexpected results and fluctuating pipeline!

Johnny Bravo

The perfect digital marketer is crazy data-driven, and gets geeked-out by every opportunity to A/B and multivariate test!


The perfect digital marketer is persistent. Very persistent. And never gives up on a lead if there’s even a chance for a conversion.

Stewie Griffin

The perfect digital marketer is loyal and values retention marketing – because acquiring new customers is 5x more expensive than keeping your current ones happy.


The perfect digital marketer loves to optimize and will stop at nothing to get you the best ROI.


So there you have it. The DNA of today’s digital marketer is part suave, persistent and loyal. And also part mad scientist and part super hero. What could go wrong?!

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