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Putting Your Content to Work | #ContentSF

Content is all the rage when it comes to digital marketing. It’s how we feed the automation machine, and it’s becoming a greater and greater piece of the SEO puzzle. But all the content in the world won’t guarantee success without a plan.

No doubt it is tempting to charge off and start creating all manner of ebooks, infographics, blog posts and more to kick-start a new content marketing program. But to really make your content work for you, it’s imperative to start with some introspective analysis. Your content marketing program should start with a solid foundation of:

  • A content matrix, which will identify the various ‘buyer personas’ your company sells to (on the y-axis), and the various stages of the buying cycle each individual will pass through (x-axis). Each stage should be accompanied by key questions the individual will need answers to.
  • A gap analysis, following the completion of your content matrix. This analysis will examine all of your existing content, and where it can be used to answer key questions on your matrix. In turn, you will also discover which questions you currently do not have content to answer.
  • Agreement upon mediums and channels to be used through which to syndicate your new content. And lastly, secure buy-in from your inside sales team on the messaging and talking-points, so that your content and their talk track(s) are in alignment, and working together

      example content matrix:

    content matrix

Thanks to LeadMD for hosting an excellent content strategy workshop yesterday, featuring keynote speakers from Marketo, LinkedIn, and more!

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