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The True Value of Marketing Automation

What better way to kick off my new blog than with a long-term digital marketing success story?  So without further ado, I’d like to recount my own case study in the true value of Marketing Automation!

What is Marketing Automation?

When my company first implemented automation two years ago, at a high level, we knew what we were getting: a system that would empower us marketers to build more assets (independently of designers and web developers) and to reach more prospects online than we ever could before.  What we didn’t necessarily expect, however, was the degree to which this new tool would make our marketing operations more efficient and more effective.

I recently came across a marketing KPI snapshot from 2011 that, when compared to our output this year, speaks volumes about what can be accomplished by fully leveraging an automation platform.  So, first for the “what”, then for the “how”.

From the old scorecard I uncovered that:

  • While we had reduced the size of our Salesforce database by nearly 80%…
  • Average monthly Marketing Qualified Leads were up 77%
  • Average monthly SQL were up 28% over the same period
  • And finally, we had reduced the length of our sales cycle, from Opportunity Creation to Close by 20%

The True Value of Marketing Automation:

In other words, we had dramatically increased the effectiveness of our top-of-the-funnel demand generation, and each stage of the qualification process, while simultaneously drastically reducing our running cost (through reduced database size).

In thinking about how far we’ve come, I realize that we did not develop such an efficient and effective marketing machine over night. It took patience, a willingness to stick to our guns during A/B testing, the ability to think outside the box to automate processes wherever possible, as well as diligence and an eye for detail (among many others).

In short, seeing how our own marketing has evolved over time through the use of automation, I’ll say this: if you are willing to put in the time and energy up front, I have seen firsthand proof that marketing automation can both decrease expenses and fill your sales funnel in the long run – and that’s a recipe for success if I’ve ever seen one.


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