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The power of brand equity

These days, I think it’s safe to say that most digital marketers know and appreciate the importance of having a library of catchy, informative, multi-stage content at their disposal.

A huge component within the marketing sphere, which I think tends to be overlooked, however, is brand equity – in other words the role of brand awareness and loyalty in engaging prospects in different environments online.

A figure popped up for me twice today that illustrated how a brand can have an equally positive or negative effect on marketing engagement, in different cases. 68%.

In the first instance, I read a stat during my morning commute, which claimed 68% of prospects engage with online content simply because of their affinity for a brand. For a company that took the time to build brand equity among their followers this seems to be a huge advantage! At the same time, another study I came across seems to directly contradict the first, saying that 68% of prospects ignore brands on social media altogether!

While it seems at first that these figures contradict each other, to me it reinforces the huge impact a brand can have on the effectiveness of marketing efforts, depending on the context.

For instance, personally, I would not go to a company’s Facebook page to learn more about a new product – but I might go there to find out about upcoming events or special offers. Conversely, if I came across an article online organically, which happened to be sponsored by a brand I am interested in, I would be more likely to engage with that content, believing it to be information-rich, trustworthy, and relevant.

The moral of the story is that it’s up to us, as marketers, to be strategic about where and how we leverage our brand to improve engagement, while staying realistic in our expectations of our audience’s behavior in various channels.

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